US Socket Mobile Developer Program 1 Year Subscription (Developer ID required for purchase)

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Product Description

A Socket Mobile Developer ID is required to purchase this item. REGISTER NOW to get your Developer ID.

The Developer Program Subscription provides access for 1 year to download Socket Mobile SDKs and any SDK updates from the Developer Portal.

SocketScan 10 Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to easily add support for the Socket CHS Series 7 and Series 8 barcode scanners to their applications. Apple iOS and Android developers can also add support for scanning barcodes with the built-in camera of a smartphone or tablet. Both scanning technologies can be used simultaneously.

SocketScan 10 SDK is compatible with:

  1. Apple iOS 4 or later
  2. Android OS 2.1 or later
  3. BlackBerry OS 5
  4. Windows 8/7/Vista & XP
  5. Windows Embedded Handheld (Windows Mobile 6)

The SoMo655 SDK is compatible with the SoMo 655 and SoMo650 Handheld Devices

Additional benefits of the Developer Program include:

  1. Access to the Socket Mobile Developer Portal to download SDK (reference your SocketStore order number)
  2. Subscribing gives you 25% off MSRP of up to 3 units of any Series 7, 600, 700 and 800 Series scanner product, valid for the first 6 months of enrollment. One-time discount use only.
  3. Priority for betas, early releases, and referrals
  4. Priority for Press Announcements and Co-Marketing activities
  5. Optional listing in Socket Mobile Application Store (Developer Referral Program) 

Note: Barcode scanners & SDK support sold separately.

(SKU# SW1250-1463)

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$ 19.95

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