CHS 8Qi, 2D/1D Barcode Scanner, White

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Product Description

The Socket Mobile Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 8Qi is a small, thin and easy to use barcode scanner optimized for smartphones. Featuring full software support, the CHS 8Ci is easy to attach to your smartphone when in use and easy to detach and slip in your pocket when not in use.

Unlike other barcode scanners for smartphones, the CHS 8Qi can be used with different devices of varying shapes and sizes (even tablets!) and can be used either attached or detached from the host device. Weighing only 1.7 oz (48 g), it's the lightest barcode scanner on the market that can be attached to a smartphone in a sled-type scanning solution.

It reads all of the most popular 2D & 1D barcodes and is perfect for retail point of sale, inventory management, sales order entry, field service, and other mobile business applications.

- Barcode Scanner
- Charging Cable
- Rechargeable battery (pre-installed)
- Universal Klip


*1 Year Standard Limited Warranty

$ 299.00 $ 476.00

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