Refurbished SoMo 655 CF 1D Scan Card, 5C

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Product Description

The Socket Mobile CF Scan Card 5C offers low-cost, 1D (linear) barcode scanning without sacrificing performance. It can read all 1D barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens.

  • - Reads all common 1D/linear and stacked barcodes up to 20” (51 cm) away.
  • - Works in any standard Type II CF slot across various PDAs allowing flexibility for system upgrades. With CF-to-PC Card adapter (sold separately), also works in a PC Card (PCMCIA) slot.
  • - Plugs into any Windows Mobile or PC Tablet computer for a streamlined, one unit solution.
  • - With a PDA, enables you to scan barcodes with one hand for optimal productivity.
  • - The imager-based 5C is easy to use - no special training required, just aim and scan.
  • - Easy to pack and easy to maintain, with no extra batteries or power adapter required.
  • - Battery Friendly® technology reduces power consumption, maximizing the battery life of your mobile computer.
  • - Supported barcode symbologies can be easily enabled or disabled with SocketScan "Symbology Selector" utility
  • - SocketScan™ keyboard wedge software directs scanned data into any Windows application as virtual keystrokes with no need for custom programming .
  • - SocketScan allows the user to add Prefix and/or Suffix functions, such as Carriage Return and Tab, to further eliminate manual keystrokes.
  • - SocketScan “Scan Demo” reports symbology, length and decoded data of any scanned bar code (supported in Windows CE/Mobile.)
  • - SDK available to application developers for Windows Mobile.
  • - Protect your investment with SocketCare Extended Warranty (optional) 


*90 Day Standard Limited Warranty

$ 159.00 $ 179.00

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