SoMo 650Rx DuraCase Deluxe Kit, Antimicrobial-White

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Product Description

SoMo 650Rx DuraCase Deluxe Kit, Antimicrobial-White.

Increase the durability of your SoMo 650 with the DuraCase Deluxe, a hard cover case that improves the drop height of the SoMo by 30%! This Deluxe package includes not just the DuraCase, but also a Belt Clip, Hand /Wrist Strap, and Tethered Stylus.

  • Easy to install and use -Top and bottom pieces slide over SoMo
  • Antimicrobial-White Durable plastic with rubber corners to safeguard the SoMo against dings and scratches
  • Optional locking screw secures the top and bottom together
  • Bottom of DuraCase slides off for docking the SoMo in a charging cradle
  • Designed to accommodate a broad range of SoMo peripherals and accessories, including plug-in barcode scanners, dual audio jack, etc.

  • (HC1680-1281)

    *90 Day Standard Limited Warranty

    SoMo 650Rx DuraCase DATASHEET

    $ 59.00

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