CHS 7Ci, 1D, White

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Product Description
$ 175.00 $ 229.00

Minimize manual data entry with the Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci, a portable 1D barcode scanner certified by Apple for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch. Small, lightweight and comfortable to hold, the CHS 7Ci connects wirelessly to the latest smartphones and tablets and can scan barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens. It's ideal for retail point of sale, inventory management, and other mobile scanning applications. Available in bright blue color to enhance corporate branding, enable personalization, and make scanner easier to find in busy work environments.
Also compatible with Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

- CHS barcode scanner (might not be current revision)
- AAA rechargeable batteries (2)
- USB AC charger kit
- Lanyard/belt clip with retractable tether

*90 Days Year Limited Warranty



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